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Beach north of Jezera Bay
Beach north of Jezera Bay
Jezera is Island Murter's southeastern settlement, it's located in a deep bay looking onto Croatia's Adriatic mainland. Jezera got its name from the two seasonal lakes (Jezero, Lokva) of the area - jezera means lakes in Croatian. Written sources mention the village in 1298 for the first time, however, the ancient, Illyric graves found here suggest that the country had been inhabited long before the Middle Ages.

Jezera and the coastline in its vicinity offer various types of beaches. In the village itself the rocky coast has been covered with concrete terraces on the northern side, the beach of Camp More on the southern side is gravel. The complex belonging to Jezera, Resort Lovišća has gravel beaches, while Camp Kosirina and the coves on Island Murter's western side has mainly rocky and partly gravel beaches.

Dalmatian ambience on Jezera riva
Dalmatian ambience on Jezera riva
Talking about accommodation, there is a wide selection of private apartments and campsites available in Jezera. On top of the recently opened Lovišća resort there are three camps for guests who prefer to spend their vacations close to nature: More, Stella Maris and Kosirina. There are several grocery stores and even a higher number of restaurants - Jezera, Kod Ribara, Carevi Dvori, Kandela, Red Carpet, Leut, Lucy, Čakula, Galileo, Makina, Zlatna Školjka, Toni, Lučica, Delfin. Most of these Dalmatian restaurants serve the fish supplied by the largest fishermen community on Island Murter.

Fishing boats in harbor
Fishing boats in harbor
During the summer season Jezera offers a wide range of entertainment events to its guests. The most well-known of these is Big Game Fishing organized in September. The summer series of events is called Jezerski dani mora (Jezera days of the sea) and traditionally it includes gigs by the local folk music and dance group (KUD Koledišće), village theatre performances, village games and tournaments and the most popular with Jezera guests, the Fishermen's Night (on the 15th of August). And, of course, vacations on Island Murter can't be complete without at least one boat trip to Kornati Islands.

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Events in and around Jezera

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